All dressed up and ready to go

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All dressed up and ready to go

The important stuff that we need to tell you.

Douglas Ankrah, (award winning Mixologist. Founder of London Academy of Bartending. Co-founder of LAB Bar and Townhouse, Knightsbridge. Author of best-seller “Shaken & Stirred”) has lovingly crafted Pornstar Cocktail along with Wim Koolhaas from KoolhaasSystems and De Kuper in Holland. A specialist drinks manufacturer with over 275 years experience.

It’s made from neutral grain spirit and 100% passion fruit puree.

Like most of the people who drink it, it doesn’t like direct sunlight.

Once opened refrigerate (the heat will be rising all around)

Refrigerated will last for 3-4 months

If the contents begin to settle, a simple shake of the bottle restores its allure.

ABV 14.9% SIZE 70CL (10.4 Units (UK) per 70cl bottle.) 9-10 serves.